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Turbocharge Your Weight Loss Success

24 Delicious Immune Supporting Recipes to Upgrade Your Nutrition and Boost Your Natural Energy!

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What the Immunity Support Pack will show you:


How to Upgrade Your Nutrition so that you can Improve Your Immunity and Feel More Energised!


The 4 Most Important Tips:

  • How to Get the Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants to Support Your Immune System
  • 24 delicious, healthy recipes to use as your regular meals
  • Learn the nutritional benefit of key ingredients
  • Understand how real food can improve your health

About The Author

Caroline Ashbourne has always been fascinated with how humans lived in nature, before modern agricultural practices took over. How did we eat naturally? What kept us fit and strong? Why do so many people gain so much weight when they live in the modern world?


During her years of scientific research as a Conservation Biologist, Caroline investigated the natural diets of animals in the wild and the implications of feeding the wrong foods in captivity. This led her to question many aspects of the modern human diet. Caroline couldn’t help but wonder whether obesity and chronic disease are just a consequence of eating an unnatural diet.


Her many years living close to nature, with no electricity, running water or any other modern comforts; provided a deep, personal understanding of our spiritual connection to the earth as our natural home.


But after a decade of working at a desk, Caroline found that her own weight had gotten out of control and her fitness lagged. Feeling tired and middle aged she decided to do something about it, then help others do the same.


Caroline became a certified Primal Health Coach, studying ancestral human diets, positioning her perfectly to help people reconnect with more natural ways of living and eating.


As a certified personal trainer specialising in obesity and diabetes management, she is fully qualified to help people make the necessary changes that make the biggest impact to their health and fitness.

Caroline created the movement Wild Body Reset, which helps people around the world who are struggling with their health and fitness, because they have become disconnected from their source and true nature.


She has devoted her life to transformation, motivation, and helping others reach their true potential.

Here's what people are saying...


¬†‚ÄúCaroline helped me work through many issues I once thought were unchangeable. I would encourage anyone who is looking to make positive change in their lives to connect with Caroline. With her help, I have adopted a very realistic way to eat and exercise.‚ÄĚ

Dan Tatro 



¬†‚ÄúCaroline encouraged me all the way. I felt so proud that I'd pushed myself, which I wouldn't have done without Caroline's help.‚ÄĚ

June A 

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